“I’d like to provide a strong recommendation for Michael Levin as a Business and Sales Consultant. My company, The Full Plate, has two retail outlets offering Ready-To-Cook and Read-To-Eat meals. I wanted to launch my line in grocery stores.”
While I had significant experience in this arena as a former senior Safeway executive, I knew I needed help. Michael has come in with his unique brand of consulting. He has not only consulted, he has been with me every step of the way.

He helped me put together my plan for the launch and he has helped me get this venture off the ground. We have made joint calls with distributors that have been incredibly successful. We have accomplished so much more than I could have hoped for in a very short period of time.

Michael’s business acumen and sales methodologies have put me on a path for a successful and profitable rollout. I’d like to highly suggest, if you want to take your business to the next level, contacting Michael and finding out how he can help you.

Lisa Alumkal, President and Founder, The Full Plate
“I would like to provide a recommendation for Michael Levin. He has been guiding me on an idea for a new product that I would like to take to market.

Michael has helped me in many ways. First of all, and most importantly for me, he has kept me on track. It is very easy to waste time and money going in the wrong directions. He has saved me a tremendous amount of time by keeping me focused and pointed in the right direction. He also saved me a great deal of money helping me to avoid spending needlessly and providing me methodologies to reduce my costs.

One example I never knew of was how to protect my idea while not having to go through the expense of a full blown patent.

Michael has also provided me marketing and sales ideas that I had not considered. These options helped to provide additional revenue opportunities for me while also minimizing my financial risk.

If you are an entrepreneur who has a small business or are looking to start a business, I would highly recommend Michael to help you. You will get your money’s worth.”

Debbie Curran, Entrepreneur
Thank you so much for your great presentation. You got rave reviews from everyone I talked to. Comments ranged from “He was so genuine” to “He had some great ideas” to “He was the best speaker we’ve had in a long time”.
Deborah Hoard, Events Director, Women In Consulting-Northern California
Collaborative, empathetic and highly effective, Michael’s LACE method for handling objections smoothes the sales relationship for us “sales-phobes” and produces results that work for everyone involved.
Susan Monroe, Principal, Writtenright
Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge with us. You are a true inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs.
Lyndsey Myall, MBA Student, CSU-East Bay
“I strongly recommend hiring Michael Levin as a public speaker for your company and your clients. I have had the pleasure of attending several of Mike’s presentations.

He has a warm, friendly style that engages the audience well. He is an expert in the areas of sales, marketing, entrepreneurialism, product development and general wealth building.

Speaking in public effectively is truly a rare skill and art. I know your clients will enjoy the experience and give excellent feedback on any of Mike’s presentations, courses or workshops.

Jim Kaspari, Investor, Entrepreneur, Health and Wealth Coach
“I would like to highly recommend Michael Levin as a speaker. He delivered a presentation on overcoming client objections at our Women in Consulting-East Bay satellite meeting. He is a dynamic speaker who relates to his audience easily. The professional women of our group thoroughly enjoyed his talk.

Michael provided new perspectives that he developed around selling and handling objections and gave us tools that will be effective in helping us build revenue. His business and consulting experience gave him tremendous credibility with our members; his successes as a coach and sales executive are testimony to his knowledge.

Women in Consulting (WIC) is a professional organization that helps consultants build skills through networking, support and education in best practices. Michael has already been booked for other WIC events because of the insights he brings to our membership. He also adds energy, inspiration and a little comic relief, all of which were very welcome.”

MB Deans, Women in Consulting
“I would like to recommend Michael to help you develop your business and marketing strategies.

Michael has helped me with my import/export consulting business. Even though he didn’t have a background in this industry, he was able to work with me to help me develop new concepts to significantly grow my business.

What made it great is we not only developed plans that will work, they were tailored to fit my strengths and skill sets. He has even provided me referrals to help me get new business.”

Song C. White, President, White Song,Incorporated
“I’d like to provide a recommendation for Michael Levin. He has been working with us on our sales and business strategies. He has made a significant positive impact on our business. I have had my business for over 16 years and my sales team has never been stronger.

He has helped us redefine our sales processes, trained our staff and even personally helped us secure new business. His collaborative sales process has tremendously benefited our staff and raised our level of professionalism.

He has also helped facilitate communication and processes between the different functions of our business. His efforts have helped unify our sales, operations and administrative teams.

Michael’s willingness to not only train our staff but participate on sales calls goes well above and beyond what I would have expected in a consultant. I would highly suggest, if you are looking to improve your business and sales results, you consider using Michael and his team.

Judy Day, President, DreamTime Inc.
“Mike was an outstanding consultant for Pepsi Cola. He developed and delivered comprehensive training programs in
Sales, Delegation Skills, Negotiation Skills, Objection Handling Skills and Management Training.

His ability to work with the Management staff and personnel was outstanding and helped us
gain insights we would not have known otherwise.

I would highly recommend Mike as a consultant.”

Kris Braunschweig, Former AVP-Pepsi Northern California