“In Let Them See You Sweat Michael provides a unique view into the incredible impact that stress can have on our lives.  His story and the lessons he’s learned provide valuable insights that will provide both help and solace to you or someone you love.”
Jack Canfield, Coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles.™


Let Them See You Sweat is both literal and a misnomer. It’s not about being calm in the face of pressure. Michael’s body literally stopped sweating. It is just one of many examples in which stress played had an effect on his body. This is his story and ongoing journey in dealing with stress. As he says, this is not about what he’s overcome. It’s about what he’s learned in the hope of helping others. With people becoming more aware of stress and its incredible health impacts, many of us have found we pay a hefty price if we ignore it or don’t acknowledge it. The impacts of stress can frequently go undiagnosed.

This powerful and heartfelt talk can help those who attend learn more about stress, its potential impacts, and the personal ownership to help manage it. Michael shares his story and stories of others who have gotten harsh messages and seen profound changes once they understood and addressed the physical effects of stress on their body.