Michael Levin trains clients on his personally developed collaborative process from his 30 years of sales training, management and direct sales experience.

Training is comprehensive, from the classroom to the field. We will not only teach you our selling methodologies, we will join you in the field to help you secure new business.


  • Michael’s personally developed Collaborative process that dramatically improves sales results
  • A process that is ideal for both sales veterans and newcomers
  • Techniques that take the selling out of selling
  • Michael’s methodology of “Sitting on the Same Side of the Desk as Your Customer™
  • A 7 Step Selling Process that needs to take place in every selling situation
  • Michael’s LACE™ method for Objection Handling that helps you invite and resolve the most challenging objections.
  • Critical skills for all Executives and Managers to improve Internal Selling
  • Key negotiating techniques and gambits
  • How to dramatically improve your closing methodology and techniques


We will help you take your business from where it is today to where you want to be tomorrow.

Michael’s experience as a Fortune 50 Consultant and Executive as well as a highly successful Entrepreneur and Small Business Consultant provide a tremendous blend of knowledge to grow your business.

Key Areas that we can assist you to help your business achieve the type of results you desire are:

  • Strategic Planning that will help you develop a differential advantage
  • Marketing Plans to help you determine how to best market your business, its products and its services
  • Leadership Training, Development and Evaluation to help your people be as successful as possible
  • Communication and Delegation Skill Training to help lead, influence and impact your business


This course will help you learn how to make communications internal and external to your organization. You will learn powerful tools to present with presence, confidence and impact.

We have conducted training for Fortune 500 companies as well as individual one on coaching for Executives and Professionals.

Coaching can be classroom or individual depending on your company’s needs.

We will teach you how to:

  • Establish rapport, connection and credibility
  • Reduce distracting behaviors and nervous mannerisms
  • Structure content that is concise, cohesive and persuasive
  • Think on your feet with greater ease
  • Handle tough questions, objections and difficult audience members
  • Understand the influence of non-verbal communication
  • Project confidence and professionalism
  • Gain and keep audience interest
  • Create and present effective visual aids
  • Provide a call to action and close with impact
“I strongly recommend hiring Michael Levin as a public speaker for your company and your clients. I have had the pleasure of attending several of Mike’s presentations. He has a warm, friendly style that engages the audience well. He is an expert in the areas of sales, marketing, entrepreneurialism, product development and general wealth building. Speaking in public effectively is truly a rare skill and art. I know your clients will enjoy the experience and give excellent feedback on any of Mike’s presentations, courses or workshops.”
Jim Kaspari, Investor, Entrepreneur, Health and Wealth Coach