“They’re going to be a tough audience.  It’s going to be difficult for you to win them over,” the VP of Sales of a national water treatment firm told me.  He hired me to be the keynote speaker for their annual meeting in Dallas.  In addition, I was conducting a full-day sales seminar for about 100 members of the company’s senior leadership and management team.  Not only was I younger than most of the team (something that rarely happens anymore) I was also sharing my selling philosophy and perspective with a team that had already achieved great results.
At the end of the day, they all gave me a standing ovation.  It was a moment I won’t soon forget.  To have these skilled people respect and appreciate what I shared with them meant a lot to me.  I attributed my success to my Collaborative Sales Process, Sitting on the Same Side of the Table as Your Customer™.
When I first developed this process, I wanted it to be universally adaptable and integrate well with individual personality styles so that salespeople could be authentic and real.  The process would support the styles of both veterans and novices, creating high levels of success, even for those who were not traditional salespeople.
When I have integrated my philosophy and process within my own businesses, I have seen great results.  I am grateful my clients have had the same experience.  In this book, I will share that philosophy and process.  I will also outline a four-step objection resolution methodology that I believe you’ll find beneficial not only in your business life but also in your personal life.
Thank you for taking the time to read my book.  I want to help you achieve the sales results you desire.


Collaborative-Selling-Cover-8-2015Could you or your team benefit from a progressive and high impact, proven sales methodology to close more profitable business? Michael’s selling philosophy of Sitting on the Same Side of the Table as Your Customer ™ takes you away from hard core negotiating to sitting side by side with your customer, working on solutions that are good for both of you.

His Art of Collaborative Selling facilitates highly productive conversations between you and your customers.   This is a process that works for the most sophisticated sales executive to a novice salesperson to someone who absolutely hates to sell.   Michael has used his process to provide not only tremendous results for his clients but for his personal multi-million dollar ventures as well.

Michael Levin is the President and CEO of Custom Solutions Inc. which provides high performance consulting services in the areas of Sales, Presentation Skills and Leadership Coaching and Development.  His clients range from Entrepreneurs to Fortune 50 companies.  He has personally launched and developed product and service companies and turned them into multi-million dollar entities.  His products have been in over 40,000 retail outlets domestically and internationally.  He has personally appeared on TV and radio shows around the country.  He has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and his products have been featured in O Magazine.