Custom Solutions unique Entrepreneurial Leadership Development Series helps provide your
Leaders and Managers the tools to dramatically enhance employee ownership and
empowerment within your organization.
For dynamic companies who know ongoing change and continuous improvement is critical to
their success, this workshop series will not only help your employees embrace change, it will
teach them how to lead it.

These workshops focus on the skills your Leaders and Managers will need to create this
environment. They will learn how to greatly enhance communication functionally and crossfunctionality.
They will gain an understanding of what makes great Leaders successful and how to
emulate them.

Each workshop is designed to help ensure the participants take what they learn and apply it in the
workplace. Within each workshop, Action Plans are developed, shared by the participants then
executed between workshops.

This powerful methodology helps the participants build their skills culminating with the
“Creating an Entrepreneurial Workplace” workshop. The participants get the opportunity to lead
critical company initiatives with the buy-in and support of the executive team. Each person
becomes part of the solution to help take your company to the next level.