I consistently hear, working with clients, how frustrated they are with E-mails.  In my last blog, I shared 1-8 of my 15 Keys.  In this blog, I’ll share 9-15.  If you’d like to read the first blog, you can find it on my blog page on my website
I previously asked you how many of you have experienced any of the following.
•    You receive way too many E-Mails to handle or respond to on a daily basis.

•    Being included in “Reply-All’s or “FYI’s” when there is no need.

•    Lengthy E-Mails with too much data.

•    Not getting responses back or responses taking too long, especially when it impacts your customers.

•    Inappropriate E-Mails whether those that shouldn’t be shared or E-Mails sent in the heat of the moment that end up causing conflicts.

•    E-Mails being sent that damage either internal or customer relationships

In this blog, I’m going to share my rules 9-15 with you on E-Mail etiquette and how to write more effective and high impact E-Mails.
9)    Don’t have a conversation over E-Mail.  If you have gone back and forth 3 times, see them in person or pick up the phone.

10)    Don’t E-Mail when you’re angry.  Ever.   If the situation is sensitive and emotion is involved, talk in person or at worst over the phone.

11)    Use meaningful and descriptive subject lines.  Double check subject lines as they may need to be changed to be accurate during an E-Mail exchange.

12)    If it’s urgent, consider picking up the phone or seeing them in person.  

13)    Try to respond within 24 hours to all E-Mails.  Have a system for more urgent E-Mails so they are responded to timely.

14)    Be mindful of your tone and how your E-mail can be interpreted.  Re-read it to help ensure it’s received properly.

15)    Don’t use E-Mails for criticism.  E-Mails are fine for praising or commending and also try to do so in person as well.


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